It’s early December and I’m thinking ahead to the next few weeks when things get really busy. There are lots of parties to go to and gifts to plan. One thing I like to bring to parties is a big tin of fresh baked cookies. With lots of kids in our family and groups we are part of it can get pretty chaotic. Having frozen cookie dough prepped in the freezer is a life-saver.

You can easily freeze traditional cookie dough and bake straight from the freezer. The only change you will need to make is to bake them a minute or two longer. Making the dough is always the most labor intensive part of baking cookies. With this trick you can get that done ahead when you have more time. Not only can you have freshly baked cookies in 15 minutes any time, a batch of these would make a great gift!

Make the Cookie Dough and Shape It

Cookie dough ready to freeze.
Cookie dough ready for freezer.

Above you can see my parchment lined baking sheets with several types of cookie dough ready to freeze. I have some Crisp Gingersnaps, and two varieties of Oatmeal Macaroons. I doubled the recipe of Oatmeal Macaroons and mixed raisins in part and chocolate chips in the other. There are several raisin haters over here so I made a third of it with raisins. Slice and bake cookies are another great cookie to prep ahead and freeze. Here’s a recipe for one of my favorites, Easy Shortbread Cookies.

The parchment makes it easier to get the frozen dough off the baking sheet. When you store the frozen cookie dough you can fold the sheet and slip it into the bag with the unbaked cookies. Later you can reuse it for baking the cookies. Now all you need to do it put the filled baking sheets in your freezer and forget about it for a day or so.

Freezing the Storing

Frozen cookie dough.
Labeled bags for frozen cookie dough.
Bagged and frozen cookie dough.

When you are ready to store the fully frozen cookie dough, get a bag prepped for each type of cookie. I label gallon size freezer bags with some details. I write the name of the cookie, the amount in the bag, oven temperature, and baking time. Quickly transfer the frozen cookies to the bag, remove as much air as possible, and get them straight back in the freezer.

Labeling bags for the freezer is always a step I’m tempted to skip. Of course I’ll remember what’s in the bag and when I froze it. Of course I do not remember what’s in the bag fairly often and who knows how long it’s been in there! So help yourself out and label the bag. Also if you give a bag of frozen cookie dough as a gift or to a friend with a meal then they can easily bake them when they are ready to.