There’s nothing as cozy as hot drinks in the winter, my kids love them. We stock up on herbal tea and I always keep a big jar of Hot Cocoa Mix on hand so they can make a cup anytime. They also love coffee but that’s a special occasion thing!

There are plenty of recipes for cocoa mix out there and most mimic the packets of mix you add to hot water. I prefer to use milk so I don’t need to use the powdered milk and creamer recipes. Those are not items I buy since we tend to go for less processed food around here. Also, hot cocoa just tastes better made with milk.

My Hot Cocoa Station

Recently I heard someone talking about their tradition of setting up a hot cocoa station for Christmas and I loved the idea. This made a perfect spot to display my Christmas mugs, the jar of Hot Cocoa Mix, and pretty jug with candy canes. To top it all off, I added a tiny jar of cinnamon for my kids who like to add that to their hot cocoa.

Hot Cocoa Mix at our hot cocoa station in my kitchen.

I love how it turned out and it’s been quite the hit at our house. It add a cozy element to the kitchen and is practical. Decor isn’t a big thing for me, I tend toward minimalism. However, when the decor can be practical and include things I don’t use everyday like this tray and one of my antique doilies, then it’s great.

A Healthier Hot Cocoa Mix

Obviously hot cocoa isn’t a critical part of healthy living but you can make it a healthier treat. By using only 3 quality ingredients you can enjoy a cozy hot drink without worrying about ingredients you can’t pronounce or identify. Another plus is that you can adjust the sweetness level to exactly how you like it. Most mixes or hot cocoa from a coffee shop is overwhelmingly sweet. I’m really just in it for chocolate!

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to use milk instead of powdered milk and dry creamer. This is perfect for making dairy free hot cocoa too, just use your preferred milk.

Tips and tricks will follow the recipe.

Hot Cocoa Mix in a Mason jar.

Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

  • 2 cups cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt

First check if the cocoa powder has lumps, if so you may want to sift it. When I have to sift something I use a fine strainer instead of a flour sifter. Ideally a kitchen tool can serve more than one purpose. Once your cocoa powder is sifter, combine with the sugar and salt in a jar or bowl. Then just pour it into a cute jar or container. That’s it!

To use: Stir 1 tablespoon into a mug of hot milk and enjoy.

Hot Cocoa Mix at our hot cocoa station for Christmas.

Tips and Tricks

  • I’ve made this with several brands and qualities of cocoa powder and all of them turn out well. This batch is part bulk cocoa powder I order online and part Ghirardelli.
  • I buy raw sugar but any granulated sugar would work well.
  • You can vary the flavor by adding spices to the mix.
  • Espresso powder or instant coffee would be awesome to add for a mocha mix.
  • This is perfect to double or triple and package up for gifts. Add a cute ribbon and a tag with the instructions.
  • If you do a hot cocoa station, it’s fun to include a big jar of mini marshmallows. Buy several bags though because they seem to disappear quickly.
  • Make it extra special by frothing you milk if you have a machine for it or a hand held frother.