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  • Simple Pantry Organization Before and After
    This weekend was finally time to do some pantry organization I’ve been putting off for far too long. I love decluttering and organizing and I still find myself procrastinating on tackling messy areas of my house. If you don’t love organizing and tossing stuff you […]
  • Simple Kitchen Organization Tips to Streamline Your Life
    If you’re anything like me, you use your kitchen all day every day. Not only do I cook and bake every day but I have a lot of ingredients, dishes, and tools I use. Things get jumbled really quickly and before you know it you’re […]
  • Use These Easy Decluttering Steps to Reclaim Your Home
    Decluttering can be an overwhelming task for anyone but if you can practice these easy decluttering steps you can transform your home. Whether you tackle one drawer at a time or need to work on a whole room, you can take back your home from […]
  • Save Money and Lower Waste in These Simple Ways
    Be resourceful! This is one of my favorite sayings in regards to saving money and time. I say it so often my kids will probably have it carved on my headstone. In our family of eight I try to be resourceful in managing our home […]
  • Build a Frugal Pantry with Simple Food Storage Ideas
    Food storage is a big component of how I manage our home and feed a family of 8 every day. It’s not fancy or perfect but it’s a system that works for us. It includes healthy affordable food, it’s easy to maintain, and it reflects […]
  • Easy Frugal Non-toxic Cleaning Spray Recipe With Essential Oils
    Years ago I came across a recipe for an all-purpose non-toxic cleaning spray that I have used on a daily basis ever since. I’ve even given it as gifts but only to close friends since a bottle of cleaning spray is kind of a weird […]