Decluttering can be an overwhelming task for anyone but if you can practice these easy decluttering steps you can transform your home. Whether you tackle one drawer at a time or need to work on a whole room, you can take back your home from clutter.

I started serious decluttering 16 years ago when I had 3 kids under 3 years of age. If there’s anything that will bring in the clutter it’s having little kids. Every space in my home was filled with clothes and toys and stuff!

Easy Decluttering Practice

Now decluttering is a daily practice. As I work in our home I constantly look for things that we’ve outgrown or no longer use. Also I look for anything broken or worn out to toss. Looking for things on a daily basis that you no longer need for whatever reason is the key.

Easy decluttering before.

This is the medical drawer in our kitchen. It doesn’t take long to get messy with so many people using it. I’ve been shoving it closed instead of dealing with it for a while. So the other day it was finally time!

Get Started!

I knew there was a few expired items in there, multiple containers of the same product, and some actual trash. Step number one is to pull everything out of the drawer, cabinet, closet, or whatever. Obviously it’s hard to pull everything out of a room so choose an area to start with.

Easy decluttering process.

See What You Have

Here is everything from the drawer on the countertop. Step number two is to go look at each item and decide what to do with it. Is it expired? Throw out expired medicine, cleaning products, makeup, or toiletries. Those go straight in the trash along with any trash or broken items you can’t repair or reuse. Next look for any items you just no longer use or need. Decide if you want to pass them along to someone who will actually want and use it.


Finally reset everything in the space. Arrange things in the drawer or cabinet, put the items you’re keeping back in the closet. This is the fun part! Now you can see your progress! Take a minute to enjoy the fresh space and congratulate yourself.

Often conquering one space that’s been bugging me is all the motivation I need to move on to other areas I’ve been dreading. Once I’ve dealt with that messy drawer or crammed closet I have the energy to move to the next thing. If you are worn out from making a bunch of decisions, that’s OK too. Take a break!

Beginner Tips

Being new to decluttering is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Sometimes you are faced with messes in every room, piles on counters and tables, and crammed closets. Now may be the time to bring in a friend who has some experience to help you. Someone giving you moral support makes a big difference. Often they have a fresh perspective on your home and that is really helpful.

Just Start!

The main thing is to just start. Doing even one small task every day will accumulate and soon you will see the difference. Ask yourself if that thing is actually adding to your life and take that first step!